The Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model is a numerical weather forecast model designed to serve both operational forecasting and atmospheric research. Within WASA it is used in an experimental mode to forecast wind speeds and directions over South Africa. Graphical representations of the fields generated by this model are presented in the links below.

The simulations use WRF version 3.2.1 and are configured to use four geographical domains: an outer domain at a grid spacing of 27 km (D1), a nest at 9 km (D2) grid spacing, and two inner domains at 3 km horizontal grid spacing placed along the West (D3) and East (D4) coasts of South Africa. The model simulation run overnight for a total of 60 forecast hours (2.5 days) from initial and boundary conditions valid at 12:00 GMT. The initial fields are derived from the USA global forecast model GFS (NOAA Global Forecast System). Land use maps for the four domains can be seen from: Landuse D1, Landuse D2, Landuse D3, and Landuse D4.

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Forecast time series Daily summaries Animations
Explain plots Explain plots Explain plots
UCT-Cape Town
Port Elizabeth
East London

WASA mast sites:
Map with station locations
Alexander Bay (WM01)
Calvinia (WM02)
Vredendal (WM03)
Vredenburg (WM04)
Napier (WM05)
Sutherland (WM06)
Beaufort West (WM07)
Humansdorp (WM08)
Noupoort (WM09)
Butterworth (WM10)
24-hour total precipitation (00:00-00:00 SAST)
3km (East) | 3km (West) | 9km (D2) | 27km (D1)

Maximum temperature (06:00-18:00 SAST)
3km (East) | 3km (West) | 9km (D2) | 27km (D1)

Minimum temperature (00:00-08:00 SAST + 1 day)
3km (East) | 3km (West) | 9km (D2) | 27km (D1)

Mean (00:00-00:00 SAST) wind speed and direction at 75 meters
3km (East) | 3km (West) | 9km (D2) | 27km (D1)
Accumulated Precipitation
3km (West) | 3km (East) | 9km | 27km

Surface Temperature (2 meters)
3km (West) | 3km (East) | 9km | 27km

Wind speed and direction at 75 meters
3km (West) | 3km (East) | 9km | 27km

Potential wind power at 80 meters (Vestas V80 2MW wind turbine)
3km (West) | 3km (East) | 9km | 27km

More information about the Wind Atlas for South Africa (WASA) project can be found at this web site. Data from the 10 WASA sites is available for download from WASA online data.

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